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Whether we realize it or not we have a tendency to believe things about ourselves that aren’t true.

Common Lies:

• “I’ll never have joy again after this”
• “I’ll never be able to forgive them”


In Christ all things can be redeemed. Even the worst of situations can be remade into something beautiful.

  • Psalm 89:9-10
    9 You rule the raging of the sea; when its waves rise, you still them.
    10 You crushed Rahab like a carcass; you scattered your enemies with your mighty arm. ~ Psalm 89:9-10 ESV

God will supply you with what you need to take the next step. He is the provider and sustainer.  Philippians 4:19 says that God will provide for you according to his riches and glory. In time God heals.

Right now you can talk to God. He loves you and is right here with you. The Bible teaches us that God loves you so much that He sent Jesus so that whoever believes in him would be saved. There isn’t anything that can separate you from the amazing love of God. He is available right now wherever you are reading this so you can speak to Him. you don’t need fancy words or a special form. Just tell him whats going on.

If you have come this far will you take one more step? I want to help you learn to follow Jesus and continue to find His light. Contact me through the button below. God’s love for you is endless. You have been crafted in the image of God to do great things.

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